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Copyright lawyer Dana LeJune vigorously helps wordsmiths pursue claims of copyright violations that cause them financial damage

Aggressive litigation for copyright infringement of written works

High-Caliber, Affordable Representation.

In over 35 year of copyright litigation, lawyer, Dana LeJune, has successfully proven violation of the Copyright Act on behalf of authors in a number of complex cases.

He is proud that clients are so satisfied with his representation and results that they refer colleagues to the firm.

An author has the right under the Copyright Act to reproduce, translate, abridge, condense or adapt the work, to publish or sell the work, and to perform it or display it publicly. A written work copyright is violated when an individual or entity copies, distributes or displays copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner. A written work is copyrighted as soon as it is created in a fixed form.

LeJune helps authors prove copyright infringement by demonstrating proof of ownership of the copyrighted work, and proof of copying. Evidence of copying may be clear, or it may be shown by proving that the infringer had access to the original work and that the new creation is substantially similar to the copyrighted work.

For additional information please see our Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright Infringement.

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At LeJune Law Firm, you meet directly, every time, with the over-35-years-experienced, board certified trial lawyer you hired. The firm pledges to provide effective legal services promptly and efficiently, while always maintaining the highest ethical standards and professional integrity.

Because jurisdiction of copyright cases is exclusive to federal court, even though the LeJune Law Firm is based in Houston, Texas, you can avail yourself of Dana LeJune’s litigation acumen regardless of where you are, and regardless of where the case must be filed. Additionally, because you do not pay any fees until and unless there is money recovered (by settlement or verdict), the contingent fee arrangement is almost always more cost-effective for the client.

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