What is Contingency Fee Litigation?

High Caliber Copyright Protection – Made Affordable.

In the past, most artists could not afford to sue the large companies that infringed their patents and copyrights. With the advent of contingency fee litigation, inventors with viable cases can afford to sue. Contingence fee lawyers take a gamble along with the client. This means that — except for expenses — creators who have been infringed pay their attorney nothing to take the case. If you win, you share your winnings with your attorney. If there are no winnings, you pay only expenses.

Contingency fee copyright infringement and intellectual property litigation is the key to obtaining compensation for architects, illustrators, photographers, songwriters and authors who suspect their creations have been infringed. Each case is carefully screened, and many are rejected or are handled on a “hybrid” payment arrangement.

An Industry Pioneer in Contingency Fee Copyright Lawsuits

Dana LeJune is one of only a few lawyers in the country who handle contingent fee cases for architects, photographers, graphic artists (computer and traditional), musicians/songwriters, authors and inventors. Since 1983 he has helped several dozen artists recoup their economic damages, and even punitive damages, from infringers.

Information about what makes a winnable contingency fee case can be found in the firm’s Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright Infringement.  Additionally, Attorney LeJune is available for media inquiries regarding contingent fee copyright infringement litigation.

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    LeJune Law Firm is a national leader in protecting the creative works of architects, photographers, illustrators, musicians/songwriters and authors.

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