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“I am a professional photographer in Houston, Texas. When the largest spa resort in town used one of my images in its magazine advertising campaign without license, I called Mr. LeJune. He was extremely easy to work with, and explained to me in detail what we could accomplish. Within about four months he was able to negotiate a settlement of several times what I was originally paid to create the image! Dana LeJune, the professional photographer’s legal savior!”
Miguel Valera
Professional Photographer
Dana LeJune is known as the best copyright attorney in the U.S. My company has been pleased with LeJune’s thorough legal work and how personable he is. Both my projects and questions that arise on copyright — are always handled immediately.”
smiling woman
Mieko Mahl
Founder of Energy Images
Free of charge and after preliminary review, Dana reached out and spent an hour going into great lengths my employment release situations and legal protections that were afforded to me. His counsel gave me clear understanding of my situation and direction to move forward."
avvo testimonial
To say that Attorney LeJune was a God send is an understatement. When in original pursuit of an attorney I reached out to several Firms. I was advised by all of them that due to the circumstances of my case they would not be able to aid me in pursuing any form of lawsuit. Upon reaching out to the last Firm here in Georgia I was again advised that they did not feel I had a case but if I did, it would need to be filed in North Carolina. I contacted a Firm in North Carolina and was advised they did not specialize in the type of law I would need for my case. However, they informed me that they had just been “BEATEN HORRIBLY” in a case by another attorney relating to a similar matter. They were nice enough to give me his name and contact information. When reaching out to attorney LeJune he listened to all of the facts of my case and assured me he would do everything in his power to bring justice to my situation. Mr. LeJune literally took my case from several attorneys telling me I had no case, to winning me a settlement that will afford my son a college education. To him my family is forever thankful. SN: He personally contributed to my Son’s college fund. He’s not just a great lawyer, he’s truly a great guy!"
avvo testimonial
Over the years Sullivan Home Plans has had its works stolen by various builders, and even other designers. Before we met Dana, lawyers who represented the company charged hourly, and it always seemed that when the case settled, it was a “wash;” the hourly attorney’s fees equaled or exceeded the settlement amount. Now that we’ve found Dana, he has litigated several infringements for us in various states, and in every one that he’s handled, we’ve come out way ahead.
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Sullivan Home Plans
Tom Sullivan
“I was surprised when I saw that an image I created for a Four Seasons Hotels Calendar was on the retail tea boxes of a very well known northwest coffee purveyor. I asked for Dana’s help. We were able to scan the tea box image, enlarge it to the size of the calendar, make it into a transparency and overlay it over the tea box image. Voila! Substantial similarity! Dana did a great job, and I would never go anywhere else for advice on copyright issues.”
Dennis Murphy
Professional Photographer
Attorney LeJune returned a phone call to me to let me know that he was not the attorney I needed for the complaint I had! He does copyright and we needed trademark infringement litigation! He listened to my complaint and gave me several suggestions that I could do to help myself! I really appreciate the time he spent with me on the phone knowing that I was not a potential customer! I think this means that this attorney cares for the people and the community he serves! I would highly recommend Attorney LeJune to any client needing his services! Thank you again Attorney Dana LeJune!"
avvo testimonial
Lillie Williams
Life Coach
Dana took control of my situation and dominated the process. He did what needed to be done and got the outcome we desired. He was great to work with, and responded quickly to emails. If you need a lawyer in his specialization you would be crazy not to have him represent you."
avvo testimonial
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